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Covid 19 first anniversary: Quebec Hope Update

By Mark Leblanc

March 28, 2021

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Covid 19 first anniversary Quebec Hope Update

Yesterday, March 11/21, marked the first anniversary of the Covid 19 virus designation as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization. HTTPs://

Today, referencing the existing provincial priority list, Quebec premier, Francois Legault, announced that all members of the general provincial population who are at least 65 years of age, can make a reservation to receive a first dosage of the identified vaccine. Http://

Older Quebec citizens, including the mid eighty-year-old members of my extended family, who took advantage of the previously announced scheduling opportunity that was presented to them for consideration, have already received their vaccination.

As a 61-year-old member of the general population, I continue to wait, as does my wife, to be included in a new reservation schedule, usually updated and re-issued weekly.

My adult daughter and her husband also wait for their profiles to be included in one of the new/upcoming reservation schedules.

My granddaughters continue to use protective face wear (masks) during the full day schedule of their public elementary school…


Ok, with some of that important real- life stuff out of the way, it looks like I can finally jump back on board with my website stuff and provide readers of Chez Pa with updated information on how things have been since my last blog post. Not doing so would have been unforgivably negligent of me because I do indeed have news/context/direction information that I’ll need/want to share with you going forward so that our respective interest and confidence can be reset and reengaged.

To be honest, while I’m not even 100% sure of the actual creation date of my “last” blog post, I do fear that my attempting to definitively answer that curiosity might irrevocably lose me in the lush techno reeds and cyber thickets of the internet forest, fumbling around trying to avoid new dangers without the socially distanced support of an accessible guide.

Regardless of its creation date, the thrust of the last, or (more correctly), my only other blog post, was to provide a new readership with introductory insights on who Pa was, on blog reflections on “how to be a pretty darn good grandfather?” and to extend an open invitation to other Canadian grandfathers to join me in exploring their own subjective experiences on the general inquiry.

But let’s also just re-engage by allowing me to transparently acknowledge that “life” did indeed, slow me down and get in the way of my confidently pursuing the relevant follow-up activities required for my initiative to be successful.

Ok Marky, sounds like you’re about to make timeline excuses here and offer a bunch of grand rationalizations; but relax…it’s been acknowledged…you’re among friends… take your time… you’ve got the floor…how is it that “life” has gotten in your way?

Chez Pa Blog Update

Turns out that among the life complications with which Chez Pa has needed to address and grapple, obtaining the informed and full level of family support, while attainable, was not to be presumed; the entire notion of personal Privacy would compel an informed/respectful/sensitive and functional attention. Images and descriptions of the real-life people being identified in any of the content posts or pages of my internet website needed to be understood and approved by the people in charge of the identified image. Establishing a responsible public web presence was going to be harder and require more skill than I had originally anticipated: Privacy concerns with social networking services – Wikipedia

Because, as I was reminded, grandparents neither own nor have the legal or moral right to the digital images of their grandchildren. This grandfather, then could not just go into his own Facebook account and easily copy/paste/click on the most adorable family pictures of himself with his Goodness or his Gracious and include them, as most people interested in the public internet experience of visiting Chez Pa might expect. No, no, no…

Pa, it seemed was going to need to originally compose and publish all those thousands of words that he had thought would be manageably reduced by being part of the colloquially advertised, user-friendly tradeoff that he thought would continue to apply to his website, without of course, losing the interest of his potential audience of new visitors.

The use of stock photos, be advised, was about to take on new significance.

A dear childhood friend, currently living in Vancouver, made the innocent but hopeful comment on one of the original postings of “How to be a pretty darn good grandfather?” about seeing included meaningful photographs of all the named or familiar people. After consulting with my wife and daughter and realizing that not being able to simply respond to my friend in the affirmative was a necessary limitation that my ongoing commitment to pursuing Chez Pa would need to address.

The internet was unfortunately, not to be considered a safe, consequence-free environment.

Explicitly understanding and communicating the Chez Pa Raison d’ Etre could not be assumed or treated casually, so addressing the granular answers to core identity questions also required time and researched attention.

What was Chez Pa to be? An internet family vacation photo album? A ‘light and breezy’ day at the beach personal blog? A demographic-multi-generational etude on all things Canadian grandparenting? A playful, post retirement hobby? An internet home-based affiliate marketing business? How much would it cost to create? To maintain? Who would help? Who will care? What were its potential benefits?

Towards the end of my 40-year career long employment status, which I can here describe enticingly, as having ended with the tandem consequential financial challenge of income reduction and internet fraud victimization, I began I to tentatively stick my toes into the vast waters of the internet looking for something to wear and researching an all-inclusive service where a retired landlubber could get a boat.

The first versions then, of what was destined to become Chez Pa began to take shape…Hope was about to set sail

Mark Leblanc

About the author

62-year-old grandfather of Goodness and Gracious, my two beautiful elementary school age granddaughters. After a 40+ year social services career in Montreal between 1978, and 2019, I am currently looking forward to. becoming a full- time blogger and affiliate marketer specializing in topics and products of interest to Canadian Grandfathers. Creating and managing a website known as Chez is part of my new lifestyle and plan...Hello/Bonjour/Welcome/Bienvenue

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