February 28

About Me


Hello…my name is Mark…and I’m a Canadian grandfather…

Welcome to my website; written for me and for you…and about Canadian grandfathers….

I am a 62-year-old recently retired Social Worker from Montreal…my wife and I continue to proudly share many aspects of our lives with our beautiful adult daughter, her accomplished husband and their adorable 9 and 7-year-old daughters, Goodness and Gracious…

Oh, and I also sing in an adult choir (Aurora Chorealis) and intermittently hang with musician friends with whom I’ve been fortunate enough to have successfully written song lyrics for that were published and included in each of their 3 acclaimed CDs of mid 2000’s (The Echo Hunters).

I am currently about to begin Canadian website ownership of an online place I’m choosing to call Chez Pa…

My Blog

At its core, I want Chez Pa to be a personal blog space from where I can regularly describe the joys and challenges associated with my own experience of being a grandfather….

A secondary ambition I also have for this site is that, via its community membership, I will be able to connect with thirteen individual Canadian grandfathers, each representing their own residential province or territory, who accepted my standing offer to make their own contribution to this online space by describing their unique thoughts or experience as a grandfather…

All interested guests are also invited to use Chez Pa as a specialized resource space wherein identified product links can be pursued to make on-line purchases relevant to the interests or lifestyles of individual Canadian grandfathers… and from which I can receive financial compensation as a registered affiliate….

Chez Pa

‘Nuff said…

This is my first everything so I can only get better…be patient with me….be kind with everyone…. love your grandchildren….

If you need a hand or have any questions while you’re on my site, feel free to leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can…

In these hazy, lazy, crazy days of Covid: Be safe…Come on in… Get as close as you want…Masks, hand washing, and hugs and kisses are all optional… Please sign-up to our mailing list… See you inside…




about me

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